Plötzlich bist du da

At the end of last year I started to create a large series of collages for a book-album Plötzlich Bist Du Da, the idea of which belongs to Viktor Hildebrandt, a young father and author from Berlin. Together with Victor and George Lozano, a very talented graphic designer from Colombia, we worked on the book project for six months and it was printed in May'22.

The book

(C) Viktor Hildebrandt |

This album is designed for parents who want to keep a memory of the experiences and emotions they had before and after their baby was born. Here I want to share some collage illustrations and drawings from the book, as well as the creation process and sketches.
(C) Viktor Hildebrandt |

Collages and drawings
Each collage illustrates a certain quote​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
"Beloved child has many names"
"The children find in the nothingness the everything, the adults find in the everything the nothingness".
Giacomo Leopardi

"How the parents are, how they affect us by their very existence - that decides".
-Theodor Fontane

"For whom enough is too little, nothing is enough".
- Epikur

"How does man learn to walk? He stops clinging to others".
-Pavel Kosorin

"Education is example and love, nothing else".
 -Friedrich Froebel

"All fear stems from the fact that we love something."
-Thomas Aquinas

"Models should try to resemble the portrait."
-Salvador Dali

"It is only with the grandchildren that one is then at the point where one can roughly understand the children."
-Erich Kästner

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."
-An African proverb

"The life of the parents is the book in which the children read".
-Augustine Aurelius

"For every child, the world begins anew".
-Henry David Thoreau

In addition to the collages, I also made some drawings that are placed next to the text or illustrate tarot cards.

The cover
For the cover, I made a collage with long arms that offer the child different things
The process
At the beginning of the work, I made line drawings to give an idea of what the collages will look like.

Thanks for watching!

(C) Viktor Hildebrandt |