Bastian Kabuth, Bela Unclecat and Yulia Drobova present: 
We are pleased to share with you our new animated video 
for the cooking series "The global cookbook"
In January'22 we were contacted by the German director Bastian Kabuth, who proposed us to create an animated intro for his new project. We really liked Bastian's compassionate and friendly idea and were happy to get to work. 
The project is about food from different countries of the world, showing how an ordinary person prepares a favorite dish of traditional cuisine. The main character of each episode is not only cooking, but also telling about themselves and sharing personal stories. It's cozy, lively footage from people's apartments, rattling dishes, tasting with a spoon straight from the frying pan and using their favorite pot, and then eating together with friends.
The music in the intro is the part of the song "Forest On The Way There" by the musician Tom Rosenthal
The process
We decided to make our video as unifying as possible, without focusing our gaze on a particular country or way of eating. As a result, our characters are gathered around the same table, with some eating with chopsticks, some with their hands, and some wielding forks and knives.

We started from a very rough sketch:
Then we started to develop the characters
Some storyboard frames
Stillframes from the video
Sketches for the last scene with the table
Links to the Global Cookbook project: