The Wild Honey Pie, Bela Unclecat & Yulia Drobova present:
This video is the result of our collaborative work with Bela Unclecat.
 It was commissioned by Ricky Reed and produced by The Wild Honey Pie
The story transfers the positive emotions of living, loving and being together on the planet Earth. 
Two main characters live alone in their apartments and everything around is just nothing special - neighbors, street, dusty city... After they meet each other, their apartments and building they live in, transforms into a fantastic garden with plants, animals and other people. Birds are flying, neighbors are harvesting fruits and vegetables, plants are growing.
 Love makes us feel happier and to look on all things in a different angle. 
Some sketches from the storyboard
Some sketches from the storyboard
The final scene in the garden
If you want to commission an animation project, please contact Bela Unclecat or write me
GIFs were made by Bela Unclecat.
More detailed "making of" is here.